Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend Diary: I heart DIY

Seems like I woke up on the DIY side of my brain on Saturday morning cos as early as 11:30, I found myself with a pair of cutters and two screw drivers fixing up a nursery toy for Baby R. This wasn't part of the plan. I recall clearly last night I promised my fatigued self that this weekend, I will become a hermit. Check in Friday and resurface on Monday morning. So what the hell was going on?
Oh, right! It's the guilt! We've been feeling a little guilty that Baby R may not have enough age appropriate toys cos sometimes, she'd rather watch tv and play with my iPad or phone than stay in her room with her toys.
Luckily, there's this one (My very own Nursery) that I've been keeping till she's old enough. She's also been a little interested in stuffed animals (she plucks out their eyes). So a nursery set will be a cute home for her plushies. So we got to fixing!
We got this nursery set at an outlet mall in Atlanta for $12.95 but I saw it being sold in Abuja for 18,000 naira! Like seriously? WTH? 650% mark up?
It's a little tedious clipping bits off before assembling, but I love flat packs and anything that requires putting together before use. Gives me a sense of accomplishment, like hey, see that bookshelf? I put it together all by myself. I'm badass, you know?
But of course, Little miss demolisher was a bit of a hinderance.
It's coming together! That's the wardrobe.
Daddy came along to help with the screwing.
Aaaand Voila! It's all done. Minnie finally has a home that's not underneath my bed! Or on the couch! Or on the car seat.
And reporter bear can finally relax.
That's the finished wardrobe and sink. See that pink cup-like thing? That's the baby powder. Hehhehe. Cute isn't it?
Even creepy one eyed bear seems happy with the new arrangement.
Moved it to Her room, hopefully it'll make her spend more time in her room. By the way, see that white cot on your right? That's Baby R's bed but it used to be my bed when I was a baby! It has been used by my Older and younger siblings and I from 1983 and 32 years later, it's still kicking (after a little facelift). That's the beauty of good quality furniture.
We've been living at our new place for 4 months and I still haven't finished decorating the place! Decided to finally use these stickers that Baby R got from her aunt.
Flowers, stems, leaves.
Used the stems first, then attached the flowers. Cute.
That's it! I used the leftover stems to make tiny triangular grass.
At 2:30, I seriously considered taking a nap. But no, I was Craving Malaysian food. And what do you do When you're craving Malaysian food in Abuja?
You make it yourself! As in, literally. From scratch. DIY egg noodles! Mr. H bought me this pasta machine on one of his trips to Kano. Awesome gift! Used the linguine setting instead of the thin one cos my dough was very springy.
I used the noodles to make this Epic Mee Goreng! Chicken, crayfish, squid! Oh, my!
Went perfectly well as the main for our Iftar. For starters, we had shrimp dumplings (ha kau) with my special homemade Chinese chilli oil. Bought the dumplings Frozen and steamed it right before din din.


  1. Oh wow! U made malaysian food from scratch! I'm in awe!! I tell myself all the time. Why do I have to make pasta when I can get the finished product stress free from the shops? I'm in awe!

    The flowers look so lovely and the nursery fantastic. Ur cot made it to 2 generations!! Wow!! Ur parents obviously had loads of storage space over the years...

  2. Thanks Calabar girl! Don't mind me, I love complicated foods. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and a creative outlet. :)

    That cot is awesome! About the storage, When we all outgrew it my parents sent it to the family house in the village. We fished it out last year after I gave birth. Just had to change the bottom board cos it broke. I love the sentimental value.

  3. Nicely done! Your daughter is one lucky little girl. :-)

    I like DIYs too. I get a kick out of watching a step by step process unfolds into a lovely creation, which is why I love sewing.

    1. Thanks Nedoux! You are the queen of DIY with your cute clothes. Thats my dream. To be able to make my own clothes. Ive bought the machine but I'm having a hard time with purchasing fabric.

      Cant wait to see more of your DIYs