Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Diary: Cry Baby Shopping

Hey there!
Ramadan Kareem! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty busy, but Alhamdulillah, it was quite funehfcvgfcrfdd.
My cousin is getting married in about 4 weeks! And she still doesn't have some essential furniture so we took her to a furniture showroom Alfemo in Gwarinpa.
They've got some really impressive pieces there, mostly modern European style living room and bedroom sets. I always feel tempted To buy when I visit but then I remind myself that My living room is clustered enough as it is!
Baby R was mad at me cos she was sleeping comfortably in the car and I accidentally woke her. She kept crying and sulking the whole time, I had to do something I had never done since she was born: I had to Piggyback back her in public! With a wrapper and everything and climb up four flights of stairs! Phew! I was exhausted by the time we were done!
After an hour on mummy's back and several reps of Old McDonalds farm, she calmed down and seemed ready to forgive.
By the time we got to Malabis Lingerie, she had dozed off again.
See the scars on her face? I get so worried about them! The one on her nose is from her nails being sharp at the edges and I'm sure will fade away.
The big gash on her forehead was horrible! She was running towards me and couldn't stop herself so she hit the edge of a pillar and had a concussion. It took two days for the swelling to go down and a week for the wound to heal but now I worry the scar might persist for life. Oh well, there's always concealer...when she's old enough, that is.
Anyways, glad she dozed off cos that gave me time to do what I went to do there: shop for custom made nightwear and bottoms. Unfortunately they were all sold out, thanks to the shopping frenzy at fusion. Sigh. Ended up with only four bottoms and no nightwear. They promised to make new stock in Two weeks so I'll be back!
Got home at 5:55pm and still had to prepare Iftar! Sigh. Luckily I had diluted and filtered my peanut paste earlier and popped it in the freezer before I went out. So when I got back, I took it out and placed it on the fire, added some rice after 30 minutes and voila! Kunun Gyada!
Guess what this beauty is...
The cheesy crust on my potato au gratin!
We had it with beef goulash
Beef, carrots, mushrooms, onions, in a tomato paprika sauce. Yum!
Had to run errands on Sunday. Finally got to do our Ramadan shopping at the new Sahad stores in central area. It's finally opened!
If you're an Abuja resident you'll understand my joy! I have used to have a longstanding love hate relationship with Sahad for as long as I can remember.
First, it's super crowded and disorganized. You have to elbow and shoulder and punch people outta your way.
Then, there are no price tags! You find out prices at the check out with the guy yelling "kai, Mallam nawa wan An?"
Then there's no guarantee. If you see something you like at Sahad, you'd better buy it cos when you come back tomorrow, it'll be gone and will never be stocked again!
But what can we do? Sahad is still one of the best places to shop for pantry items in Abuja due to their low prices, bulk stock and often, pleasant locally made gems. So we put up with the stress.
But all that has changed! The new Sahad is a breath of fresh air!
What's this? Ample parking? At Sahad? Unbelievable!
Huh? No junk on the floor? No precariously placed boxes of eggs? Clear aisles? I can actually push my cart without tearing someone's Achilles? Wonderful!
Even Baby R was impressed!
Or maybe she was just licking off her boogers. Eew.
That's the front entrance.
Two of many ATMs.
Very helpful staff member. I was impressed.

The view from the undercroft parking lot. I'm guessing there are vacant store spaces for lease.
The Way out. On the left there's a warehouse and car parks and on the right is the actual store. I'm reallyimpressed with their new look. I love it when businesses take criticism and move forward with their client. Keep up the good work!
I shall return.

That was my weekend in a nutshell, what did you do this last weekend?
Let me know down below.
Love, Ummi.


  1. I've never heard of Iftari. In fact, sometimes I feel bad that I don't know a lot about the Northern part of Nigeria - well, it's not like I know so much about the rest of the country anyways. You say it's made of peanuts? I like peanuts. Going to Google

    1. Hallo Berry!

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Iftar is the food we eat after breaking our fast. In our culture we usually make pap, gruel and similar semi solids to break our fast with as they help 'tie' the stomach after a long day of fasting.

      The one I made up there is Kunun Gyada. Aka peanut pap. It's made of raw peanut paste and thickened with rice or pasta. Will upload a recipe soon. Thanks again!

    2. P.S. I'm realizing a lot of Nigerians aren't exposed to the northern way of life. Shall include that in my blog content.