Monday, July 2, 2012

That's whats up

Why, hello there! Fancy seeing you reading this dead place. With no posts... *sigh* I can explain. it all started a few years ago when one kind man like that asked me to marry him. Odd. considering how absolutely unmarryable everyone had been telling me I was. Turns out not everyone thinks I'm a weirdo. Or rather, there is one lovely soul out there that finds my weirdness so amusing that he wants to spend the rest of his life next to it. Very Odd. In fact, contrary to preconceived notions of being turned into a child-popping slave and being locked up in some dodgy cave, I'm being treated like an absolute duchess! Extremely Odd! I think I married an alien...

One thing is for sure though, I can't complain. Life has been a blast! And for that, i say a huge resounding ALHAMDULILLAH!

I am loving my life as a couch potato. Spending time watching my 2 favourite channels TLC and E! :) :) There is so much going on in my life and i have tonnes to blog about! 

(1) The Amarya Diaries

Getting married in Naija is NOT easy. Planning a Hausa wedding makes it that much harder! Take it from someone who has recently been through what i term "The great Hassle of 2012." Yes, I know Hausa weddings are fun, but newsflash! They are not as fun when you're the bride!
Yan Matan Amarya at Kamu

Luckily you've got me, Ummi, and I'm going to pass on the wisdom and heartache I experienced to make your special day easy and hassle free. You'll thank me later. Brace yourself for some fun, hard truths and most of all, how to make the celebration of your love even more special!

(2) Food Blogging

Want a cupcake?

I'm a wife now. So I cook very often, sometimes even twice daily! *GASP* and I'm having fun with it.  I also eat out a lot and I have a large archive and tonnes of photos to share and some of my recipes too. Brace yourself for Gastronomy 101, Ummi-style!

(3) Pharmacy Orientation

Since I'm a foreign trained pharmacist, I have to go through an orientation program before I can get my license to practice as a pharmacist in Nigeria. It's going to happen in Ibadan on August 20th. Should be an interesting experience since I've never been there before... wish me luck!

So thats it folks. Ummi is alive and well and enjoying this phase of life. So excited for all the blog topics and photos!

Lots of Love!


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