Monday, January 9, 2017

Malfunction? Its just armpit hair!

So here I am minding my business, procrastinating on writing chapter 26 of Who Is Anisa Haque and instead hopping from site to site to catch up on all the blogs I missed over the weekend when I came across something that really pissed me off.

So I'm on Miss Ikeji's blog when I see the title...

Malfunction, Really?

Since when is having axillary hair, a natural, protective phenomenon of the amazing human body a malfunction?

Miss Ikeji then proceeded to zoom in on Lola Kirke's underarm, presumably to show us the "gross" details of said unshaven under arm. The horror!

I decided to see what the inter web was saying and can you believe Lola actually received death threats? Over HER CHOICE not to shave her armpits? Is it that serious?

All I could think of was that Julia Robert's shot at the premier of Notting Hill in 1999. It is now 2017,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     18 years! Girls, are we still on this?

I guess I'm just sick of the double standard. Picture a man (read; hollywood hunk, maybe a Hemsworth brother) striking a sexy, shirtless pose maybe with his hand over his head and smouldering eyes. He's most likely going to be unshaven in the pits and everyone (read; media, crazy internet people, bloggers) would swoon at this rugged stud.

'He's so real and natural!' they'd fan themselves incessantly.

No one would call him names or even call him out on having armpit hair.

Why then are women constantly hounded by the media when they do the same? It's her body and her choice. Must we always conform to your standards? Absolutely not! Do you and let everyone else do as they see fit. Lola having hair doesn't make your hair grow or even stink. It's not your business to send her death threats as you pig out on your couch watching the Golden globes.

What's my point, I'm sure you're wondering?

How about we stop body shaming?

How about we stop forcing women to fit into an unnatural standard?

How about we start minding our businesses and allow other people to be themselves without castigating them?

How about allowing women to be their real self?

How about we let Lola grow her armpit hair?

It's okay to shave your hair.

It's okay to NOT shave your hair.

It's okay to NOT let the world make such decisions for you. Own your body!

It should not be a big deal that a fellow human being has armpit hair.

Linda Ikeji loves to parade herself as a role model for women in Nigeria but her blog is so notorious for body shaming, cyber bullying (in the past), perpetuating false stereotypes and setting her minions loose against anyone who responds or reacts to her false reports.

She posts ads that ridicule women with "flabby stomachs" and men with "performance anxiety."

If you really want to be a role model, how about you educate yourself and understand issues that relate to the young women that frequent your blog and are responsible for your success as a gossip blogger.

Sadly, Linda's wasn't the only blog to poke fun at Lola. Several people did and I just don't get it.

The negatives....

 Really? Weavon? Witty :|

Gross, only if it's on a woman. Sexy when its on a man, huh?
 And then you like, swallowed it? Who is gross now?

 Here's my take.

 And it really shouldn't! Women are humans too! Hair grows, get over it.

Thank you! Tell them.
I think the word "Malfunction" is actually offensive.


  1. as in!!It really is absolutely ridiculous especially the double standards. As if as women we don't have so much to live up to. We must be completely hairless as though body hair isn't natural. You would think she didn't shower or something like that, the way they went in on her. It's hilarious they had to reallllyyy zoom in for the public to see it and she looked clean and normal to me. Guess we have to keep educating these people. *sigh

  2. Please we need Chapter 26 ooo. Nagode