Monday, October 10, 2016

355 Steakhouse & Lounge || Restaurant Review


It's my job in the relationship to pick the restaurants. 

If I leave it all to him I just end up getting ticked off because even though I'd have given him 2 weeks notice, at 7pm on the D day, he'll ask 'where do you want to go?'

Err, it was your job to pick the restaurant!

Yeah but you know these places better than I do. You choose. 

He thinks it's chivalry. I think it's not taking an important date seriously. 

I just end up sulking in the car on the way to any restaurant of my choice. 

So in order not to sweat the small stuff, I pick the restaurants. 

Even after picking 355 Restaurant for our wedding Anniversary date night, thanks to work, business and out of town guests, we couldn't go out until 9:45pm!

I had actually given up, wiping my lipstick off angrily but a quick phone call to the restaurant saved the night... They're open until 12am!

So off we went on our anniversary date with me sulking in the car, desperately hoping that 355 Steakhouse can put a smile on my face. 

The Ambience

When you walk in there's the restaurant on your left and the lounge to the right.

The restaurant had a warm, romantic feel to it, making it a good choice for a couple on a date. The tables were set beautifully and they had nice and heavy crockery. You know how I feel about fine dining and cutlery. 

The restaurant is small though you don't feel it because of the tables were arranged efficiently to optimize the spice. We sat at a solo table for two, but they also had tables for larger groups with soft cushions along the wall.

Our table was close to the door that linked the restaurant to the lounge, which turned out pretty noisy as the night progressed and people got more turnt up.

The waiter pulled up a third chair and I told him "we are only two!" He says "no ma, this one is for your bag." I'm like "awwww," and I turn to, Mr. H "see, he knows the way to a woman's heart! You've never pulled up a chair for my bag! All It ever gets is "move it out of the way, it's obstructing my driving.'

The Drinks


 I can't remember what drink he got, but knowing him it was something freshly squeezed with orange or ginger.

 I'm guessing here.

I, on the other hand got this showstopper! The strawberry daiquiri! One look at the mocktail menu and I knew I had to have it.
It didn't disappoint! The ice was so finely crushed, the Result was a smooth blend of velvety ice and premium sweet, tangy strawberry juice served in a tall martini glass. I had to get in with a spoon

The Food

We came here for something different so we went straight for the Mexican menu. That was why I actually picked this restaurant. I hadn't had Mexican in a few years, it was time for a refill.

The food took a little too long to come out though.

but when it did, it was worth the wait.

We did get some carrot and cucumber sticks to munch while we waited...

We started with the DD nachos, which according to them:
DD Nachos "Deep fried flour tortillas served with refried beans, ranchero sauce and cheese "

It was so good! It didn't look like a traditional nachos dish; the tortilla breads were served whole and stacked me on top the other, like a sliced double decker pizza sandwiched with a rich, beefy chili con carne.

They were very generous with the minced beef! The ratio of meat to tortilla was definitely greater than one! 

Let's not even talk about the cheese! It was just the right amount of sharp queso melted into the chili. Oh my, that first bite was memorable.

Next up we had the chicken fajitas.
"Grilled steak or chicken served with guacamole, salsa and cheese add prawns for an extra"

 The chicken came sizzling in a skillet, obviously freshly grilled with some sweet peppers and onions.

 It was tender and moist but still cooked all the way through.


 It came with four medium sized tortilla breads....

And Four different condiments:

A tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Shredded cheese and "Sour Cream" that didn't really taste or look like sour cream though. But I understand, its nearly impossible to find real sour cream in Abuja.  No harm, no foul: it was close enough.

Of course, I was in charge of wrapping the fajitas for both of us because apparently I'm "Great with wraps and sandwiches, nothing falls out!" 

*side eye* Sounds like I was being buttered up to work for my anniversary dinner! 

Luckily I was already in a good mood thanks to the delicious food, so I happily layered chicken and condiments for an amazing wrap that I could seriously eat three times a day, everyday. 

That guac was so out of this world!  I smeared it on everything I ate there...EVERYTHING!

For the third we ordered a burrito, which we thought we needed but oh boy, we over estimated our hunger!

The serving was so much bigger than we anticipated!

"Soft flour tortilla filled with beans, cheese, lettuce with your choice of chicken, beef, or grilled veggies"

 The burrito came with a side of refried beans (I'm not even a beans person! Yet I enjoyed it.) and mexican rice, garnished with green and black olives.


Again, the chef didn't skimp on the filling! It was the same delicious chili that topped our nachos...

Unfortunately we were all but passed out thanks to the food we had consumed! We had quite a bit left over and we didn't even bother with take aways.

We enjoyed the food tremendously and it was so refreshing to try something new in Abuja that didn't disappoint. The evening ended on a high!

The Service 

The waiters were super attentive without being too in your face, which is always pleasant.

The only teeny tiny issue was upon arrival, we weren't handed steamed towels or at least anti septic wipes to clean our hands and when we tried to wash our hands, the bathroom was out of order. We had to manage with my hand sanitiser.

This might not have been a big deal in other restaurants, but this is a fine dining restaurant that serves Mexican food and an extensive tapas menu; people are bound to eat with their hands!

This was back in April though, so the problem may have been rectified.

 The Price.

The damage done was  about 15,000 Naira including service charge and VAT and a small tip  for the waiter.

Bear in mind that this was back in April, before everything got more expensive so I'm not sure what it is now.

I will definitely recommend 355 to anyone needing a modern restaurant for a romantic date or a night out on a special occasion. Just make sure you come with a loaded wallet!

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  1. I have been to 355 but i felt they were rather expensive for regular meals. I think i'll give them another try and do Mexican(seems reasonably priced for 2) i have never tried that before, hopefully the recession hasn't made their prices crazy and the issues have been fixed.

    1. Absolutely! They have some expensive dishes on the menu, but the Mexican menu wasn't too bad tbh. We usually have a 10k cap on eating out, though we extend it higher on special occasions. 355 is definitely one of the more expensive ones. Prior to this I thought it was The Chase at Dunes.

      Hmmm, this recession is just Killing my social life! I heard even Tulip has upped their prices! Sigh.

      Anyways, give it a go and tell me how you feel! ❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for the great review of 355 Abuja. I didn't know the Mexican food was this good. I feel you on recession point.

    The next time you need some restaruant inspiration in Abuja for date night, you can check out

    1. Mexican food is good. You should try it sometime. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. They share similar taste palettes with us, peppers, tomatoes, beans rice are all staples with them so It's not too foreign.

      I'm loving your website at the moment.

  3. I went to 355 last night and apart from the ambience which I reallly liked, the service was awful, we had to keep waving frantically to get the attention of the waiter(s) and the food took forever to be served. I had ordered the prawns and avocado salad and was told after about 17 mins that the meal was unavailable.. at that time, I was so upset that I just ordered the boneless buffalo wings which took another 15 mins to be served. I definitely won't be dining at this restaurant anytime soon.

    1. Aww, Morenike! I'm so sorry you had a negative experience. Was it during the dinner rush? I don't like restaurant wait times at all as I'm impatient when hungry. I know they've read this article so I hope they rectify it. Thanks!