Saturday, May 28, 2016

Catching Up || Features, Blog Shop, 5k views on Anisa Haque || Personal Update

Hello Lovelies!

Why does it feel like a decade since I've posted?

Ever had those days where it seems there aren't enough hours in one day? Thats me in the month of May! It has been a super productive yet, busy month and as it comes to an end, I'm so happy with all I have achieved or planned to achieve this month. Here's the Down low....

Blog Update

Ramadan is upon us (YAY!!!). The Ultimate month for Foodies is here! I should have a few Ramadan friendly posts coming up, so stay tuned!

I am working on a Blog Shop where you lovely readers who are interested in purchasing selected items or services can browse through and do so. This has been inspired by the most popular post on this blog (Get perfect skin with turmeric!)

I haven't finalised all the details yet, but I know for starters, its going to be some traditional beauty supplies in bulk. So keep in touch if you're interested in DIY beauty products.

BIG Project!

I am launching a line of food products!

Now in the past, I have sold my food at fairs and while I always have fun cooking for people, I find it extremely stressful in the week leading up to it. I cook by myself with very little assistance, so you can imagine how cooking 150 plates of food for a fair is. I also had a very unpleasant experience during one of the fairs so I'm phasing them out.

But food is my passion, right? And I would never have made it as far as I have in the food business if it weren't for the encouragement of my viewers on Instagram and this blog. So I'm reaching out to you all by starting a line of food products that can be purchased fresh or frozen or cooked and I'm calling it....*drum roll please*

Like the Logo? I made it myself... *pats back* I've made a few logos in my day, but this is by far my favourite.

So give yourself a few days off and let Ummi do the cooking for you. This line will include meal prep items as well as ready meals.... stay tuned!

I'll be posting details in a few days regarding the dishes and how to order so stay tuned!

BIGGER Project

This one I CANNOT talk about! Not until it is set in stone. It is a dream I have had for a really long time and to see it coming to fruition would mean I have fulfilled one of my major life goals. Please keep me in your prayers. Your girl needs it. I'll gush all about it when the time is right.


So I'm going to be featured on a few websites and I is fery happy abourrit!

The first is Northern Life, which is launching next week or so (Yay!)

The second is HijabiGlobeTrotter which is an awesome blog you all should follow.

I'll let you know when I'm up.

Driving School

I don't know to drive.

I don't have a licence.

I am scared of the road and all the chaos that comes with it *covers face*

Would you blame me though? Nigerian roads are crazy!

I miss living in a country with awesome public transport system. Where I can catch a train and a bus and get to where I'm going without needing a tetanus shot!

So after 4 years of hitching rides, begging my brothers, inconveniencing the husband (it's not an inconvenience if he loves you, right?) and non stop ridicule from my family....I have finally joined a driving school!

No one seems to have the patience to teach me, I may as well go to a professional who has probably seen students way worse than I am.

its been 8 days already and according to my instructor, I'm doing quite well! So in your face, mean family! *sticks out tongue*

I just didn't expect driving school to have homework... I mean I've been out of uni for ages! *sigh* I actually have to go and buy cardboard paper, paint and a metre rule. Oy Vey!

Who is Anisa Haque

You guys! I have hit 5,000 viewers, 500 likes and nearly 300 comments on my debut ChickLit/Adventure/Mystery book;


*spraying glitter and confetti*

It is also ranked at number 842 Worldwide out of over 100,000 chick lit books on Wattpad.

*buying everyone a drink

I have been receiving a lot of love and support over at Wattpad and I have met several young Nigerian writers with passion and creativity, we've sort of formed a little community.

See how kind they've been to me;

If you haven't read it yet (why are you carrying last?) Click Here to start from the Beginning!

If you're a reader that hasn't caught up in a while, Click here to continue reading! The story is getting Juicier, I promise you.

If you're on Wattpad and aren't following me, Click here to fix that problem.

MotherHood & Mrs.Hood

We put Baby R in school! In third term, no less. She's been so bored at home lately, surrounded by adults that I feel she doesn't socialise well with kids. So I thought I'd put her in daycare, but they insisted she start school proper, so here's my little reception princess.

Drop waist, on trend!

Sports wear chic?

Mr.H and I had our Fourth Wedding Anniversary last month. Yay! To celebrate, we went to 355 for a romantic dinner and we had a great time. It's a bit of a splurge, I know but hey, we deserve it for not tearing each other apart after being together for over 11 years! Here's to 50 more Habibi!

So that's it my darlings! You're now all caught up with what I've been up to.

I hope you're convinced that I haven't abandoned this space.

Things should ease out in the next few weeks, so I should be blogging more often.

Hope you've all been great and things are flowing smoothly for you all.

Do you have any gist for me?

Have you forgiven my long absence?

Am I to a query from you?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading this far! You deserve a medal

Lot's of Awesome Love,



  1. wow! cool blog. wonder where i've been not knowing about this blog. Good job.

    1. Salaam Khadeejah! Awww. Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

  2. Super, mashaaAllah! Loving le blog ❤

  3. Awww Ummi, I hope you're doing well. This is a Heartfelt post. I hope your little angel is coping well in school and your hands are strong on the wheel. Believe me I know what you're talking about, the transport system in developed countries is way ahead, but Nigeria seems to be catching up at her own pace (Btw I drive in Lagos). My license process will commence next week by God's grace. I LOVE wattpad, and will check you out. I took a break from reading, and just found your blog.

    How did you make the logo for your brand? I've been looking to one for mine for a while now.
    Oh, well I should get back to reading.
    Whenever you can, pls visit my blog

    1. Hello dear! Thanks for stopping by.

      Ah! You drive in Lagos? I salute you! Well done babe! Abuja is nothing compared to Lagos. Can you believe I still haven't mastered the wheel? Im still taking baby steps. At least the initial fear is gone and I'm not more confident.... Congratulations on getting your license, you're my role model!

      I used photoshop to make it. I downloaded a free trial and I worked on it for about a week. IT has expired now, but I can give you a few pointers on yours if you want. Email me on the email button up there.

      Thanks again.

  4. Woow ur 'May' was definitely eventful, you are a trooper for still finding time to catch up with us! I love ur logo-simple and chic! I can't wait to order ur marinade and date banoffee pie (it's literally on my to-do list) lol. I'm highly anticipating you selling DIY beauty products the most (i love all things skincare)!I pray ur bigger project is a success, i'm sure u'r a pro at driving now and Baby R is a pro student. I'd been procrastinating on reading ur book but i'll start now i got some of my reading mojo back. Congrats on all ur accomplishments so far!

    1. Awww, Im just reading this comment and you've already done almost everything you said you will! Thank you so much dear! Don't worry I have a new batch of products coming soon, I;ll keep you posted. The BIGGER project has hit a hurdle, but will be resumed soon by God's grace.

      Baby R changed schools and is doing much better in her new environment. Thanks for checking up on me. Have an amazing week :*

  5. and Congrats on ur 4th Wedding Anniversary! Cheers to many more blissful ones!

    1. Ah, Thank you thank you! *blush blush* we are getting old.... I like it!

  6. congrats on your wedding anniversary and your book!