Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Mother's Garden

Hey my lovelies!

So the other day I went to pick up Baby R from my parents' house. Yes, I'm one of those very lucky people that have parents that live in town. 

Its great because they help us baby sit the baby whenever we want! I used to feel guilty whenever i dropped her off in the mornings but there was no need to! The grandparents LOVE having the grand kid around and you've just bought yourself a few baby free hours so its a win-win situation!

In fact, when i don't take Baby R there in over 3 days, I get a random phone call from Mummy dearest saying (In the most Hausa film attitude)

"Kin hana ta zuwa gidan mu, yanzu ta manta da mu."


"You've stopped bringing her to our house and she's forgotten us now!"

And when i do finally take her (4 days later) I get attitude for the first five minutes...

"So we now have to beg to see her?"

...until I cave and apologise. 

Anyway, So on this very day i met my mum and her gardener working on the garden and i got super jealous.

Some of the parent plants for these flowers are nearly as old as I am! Mum had them moved whenever we moved! Port Harcourt, Warri, Kaduna & Abuja! They bring back so many memories.

The rainy season is just beginning so most of the flowers haven't bloomed yet, but we were able to get some gorgeous blooms and Mum made a sweet bouquet because Dad was returning from his trip. In her words:

"Hmmm, mu fa yan gayu ne, ba kaman wasu ba."


"We are fancy people, unlike some others."

Roll my eyes.

Did I mention my Mama is a drama Queen?


This reminds me of those tornado potato chips on a stick you get at fairs

This gazebo has hosted many a family BBQ.

One Dies as one blossoms: Thus goes the circle of life.

Hold this for me! That was my job.

Beautiful potted succulent.

So in love with this!

Bulked them up with long slender leaves.

Filled the vase with water and Orbeez (water absorbing polymer beads) 
See them starting to bulk up at the bottom?

My stupid trays had to ruin this shot. grrr.
See how green the grass is?

Cant get enough of this bulb!

This is just a glimpse of Mum's plants.

She's got Mint, curry leaves, pumpkin leaves, grapes, turmeric, lemon grass, guava, and many other plants.

Cool, huh?

So, Do you like them?

Do you know the names of these plants? 

Let us know in the comments below!

The roses are beginning to bud, I'll bring photos when they bloom...

Lots of blossomed Love,




  1. Hi Ummi,

    Lol @ " In the most Hausa film attitude" and " So we have to beg to see her" Your mum is so sweet. :-)

    "We are fancy people, unlike some others." is so Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey. hahaha!

    I can't really tell plants by their names only their colour e.g.- That red flower, that yellow flower etc.

    The garden looks vey pretty, would be great to sit out there sipping cold juice and reading a great book.

    1. Hehehe! She is super adorable... most times :)

      The garden is especially beautiful in the middle of the rainy season...

      Sipping cold juice and reading a book....thats the life!

  2. Owwwww ummy am jealous ,she should be my mummy too."mu fa yan gayu ne ba kaman wasu ba"

    1. hehehehe! Our mummies, don't we all love them?

      Never a dull moment around this woman.

  3. Mothers - what would we do without them? Her flowers look so lovely....