Thursday, January 7, 2016

SF Chinese Restaurant || Review

So we were running last minute errands on Christmas Eve and we happened to be driving through Gana street in Maitama when we came across this flashing sign.
Right beside the popular fast food restaurant, Southern Fried Chicken (SFC), was a bright sign reading SF Chinese. It is situated in the same complex and shares parking with SFC, so we presumed it belonged to the same owner.
Apparently they'd been open for about 5 months. I had no idea!
The table setting was nice, but kinda weird for a Chinese restaurant. The plate was ceramic with a chilli motif that looked very Mexican. There was a melamine soup spoon that didn't match the plate, a very fancy napkin and a beautiful table cloth. But the cutlery was wrapped in serviettes and the menu was on a flyer! It was like they couldn't decide between a fancy and a casual restaurant. Although, if they were going for a quirky feel then it's not so bad.
This totally made my day! The drinking glass was in the shape of a conical measure! Every pharmacist will appreciate this! I'll certainly return to this restaurant if only to drink from this cup!
The ambience is very modern and kinda minimalist. There is a takeout waiting area with lounge furniture to your right and a dining area to the left.
My only critique is that the dining area, which is on the other side of this photo, is very 'open', there's no real privacy for diners and the cold chill breeze sweeps in under the table everytime the door is open. It might help if they put in a room divider to separate diners from the takeout crowd. Even if it's not a full divider, something like a half wall or some plants will help.
There's also an alfresco area at the entrance.
The Food
The food was good and we were pleasantly surprised. When I looked at the menu I wasn't expecting much. It read like a watered down version of Woks & Koi's menu. But guess what? The food also tasted incredibly similar to Woks & Koi. when I tasted the food, suddenly everything about SF Chinese reminded me of Woks and Koi express in Wuse II. In a good way! Maybe they have the same owner or the chefs trained in the same school.
As usual we ordered rice, noodles and a sauce. This time we had the SF special fried rice, Singapore noodles and Chicken in Cashew nut sauce. They also gave us a delicious chilli oil but the food itself was sooo spicy, we didn't even touch it! Service was quick and adequate.
Singapore noodles: my favourite item on their menu! Generous chunks of beef and chicken, springy rice noodles and sufficient greens. I wish it was less spicy though. But nothing spoil, eh?
The chicken in cashew sauce was good too. It really went well with the rice.
That's the SF special fried rice. It was a great side dish for the chicken in cashew nut sauce.
It's about to go down!
We consumed it all in 30 minutes! Nothing was left over. Hehe!
The prices were cheaper than most local Chinese restaurants, but the portions were also smaller. That also means no wastage, and we didn't have to have the awkward conversation of packing leftovers to carry home, so Yay!
The Cost: N6700 for two people including drinks. Quite reasonable for the quality of food delivered.
Verdict: If you love Chinese food and hate spending a fortune on mediocre food from overrated outlets *side eyes Chopsticks* Then get yourself down to SF Chinese! The menu might not be as diverse as other Chinese restaurants in Maitama, but the food is great, the price is very reasonable and service is very fast. It's a great choice for mid week meals and no fuss weekend dinners. I definitely recommend it. Oh, did I mention they also deliver?

Ambience: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5
Cost: 4/5

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