Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lumo Naturals Jungo

Hey guys! It's been a while! Thought I'd do an update post and halfway through I decided to leave it in my diary. I've been great and just keeping busy with many little projects that have left me no time to myself.
So this past weekend I attended the Lumo Naturals' Lumo Hair Club Jungo; a DIY class. Lumo Naturals is a Natural Hair salon in Gwarinpa run by the lovely Farida, who also happens to be a long time blog friend of mine.

Now I'm a relaxed/texlaxed hair girl but I love attending Lumos events cos I get to socialise and meet cool local hair vendors. Being a Lumo member I got in for free! Yay!

I got there a little late, thanks to the Gwarinpa traffic (Yes, even on Saturday!) I live just 10 minutes away but it took so long to get there! Grr. Luckily I was just in time for the first speaker, Hadassah of Nappily Nigerian Girl.

@NappilyNigerianGirl demonstrating a protective hair style for all hair types
I loved her talk so much! I have never heard a more thorough Healthy hair lecture ever. I mean we've all been on the internet so we've known all these tit bits of hair info for years, but she was able to consolidate everything into a "Here's what to do for Harmattan" talk.
Did you know that In extremely Dry weather (Harmattan, winter, zero Humidity) it's best to keep your hair stretched out either through a blow dry, flat iron, braid out, twist out cos it reduces the chances of tangling and therefore, breakage!
She also taught us about styling, an area I'm really interested in cos I'm tired of my everyday frumpy Mummy low bun.
Then we had the lovely @cocoterranaturals talk to us about natural DIY skin care, focusing on essential oils. It was very hands on and interactive. We were given handouts about essential oils and we got to make two products. A clay face mask and a bath bomb.
There was a lovely cake by @slimtoothabuja. I believe it was a Dark Chocolate Torte and 100% sugar free. It must've been so nice cos it was gone before I got to it!
Lumo launched their natural hair products this year and they have a wide range for hair and skin care including oils of all kinds and lotion bars!
We all got a glass jar and we labelled them with our names.
I chose ingredients that I believed would be kind to my oily/combination skin.
We also got a mixing bowl to make our bath bombs. I was the measurement chick so I don't have photos from that.
Unfortunately my bath bomb got set off by an overzealous spray of water. It still worked though.
I ended up going home with my clay mask, bath bomb, bentonite clay (N2000), jojoba oil (N4000), Al-Jadayl oil (N2800). Sigh. And I told myself I would only buy bentonite clay.
This was the venue, Maramma beauty store. We had an intimate space above the store.
All in all it was a lovely evening. Met lots of fabulous ladies and learnt a thing or two about harmattan hair care.
How did you spend your last weekend?


  1. Looks like it was great fun. I'm curious about the bath bomb....

    1. Thanks for dropping by Calabar girl! It really was. Bath bombs my face bath tub essentials. They fizz up in your bath water and leave your skin soft, fragrant and moisturised. It's good for long soaks in the tub.

  2. Hi, Lumo natural. My name is Oge, and am trying to go natural,A fnd introduced me to your page on instagram, my mum makes natural pure coconut oil, pls patronize her, thanks

    1. Hi Oge,

      I'm Ummi and this is my blog. Lumo Naturals has their own site at http://lumonaturals.com you can contact them there. Thanks.