Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not another blog!

So I'm sitting at the corner booth of a nice, dimly lit Indian restaurant, licking my fingers in between morsels of Naan bread and Jaalfreezi when my friend pointed it out...

She: I can't believe you're getting married soon.

Me: Yeah, I know, right? It's crazy!

She: But it's like, really soon...

Me: Yeah! End of next year....

She: No end of this year!

Me: No it's the end of next year!

She: Fatima, it's the end of THIS year!

Me: What're you talking about? I'm getting married at the end of 2011!

She: Yes! End of this year!

Me: NO! It's the end of... Hang on, what year are we in?

She: It's in a few months woman!

Me: Ten or ELEVEN? Answer me now!

Of course by that time i was hyperventilating. I always knew it was SOON but i guess I had no idea how soon!

Understandably I am freaking out. I don't even know where to begin, I feel like pulling my hair out.... grrrr. So I decided if i wanted to have a nice wedding, I better got off my bum and start planning it now. Or else, I'd be stuck with a generic wedding! Generic, I tell you! *shudders*

Nothing about me is generic.

It's just one stone throw away from cheesy. *shudder + cringe*

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